How Chai Can Be a Game Changer for Women's Everyday Health

The health benefits of Chai for women are vast, making it a key component of our daily diet. I have one to two cups per day from our Whole Spice Blend range and feel the spices weaving their magic. Not only does Chai taste good, but its also really good for you! Chai is full of ingredients with beneficial properties, including ginger, cinnamon, cloves, cardamom and star anise. While the specific types of spices used in Chai may vary between recipes, the following is the ingredients list that makes up the spices and herbs used across our range of whole spice blends. All ingredients are organic, with some fair trade organic also. Lets take a look together at the benefits of spices and herbs on women's health. Enjoy!

With ginger’s warming properties it can help improve circulation, which can be beneficial for the uterus. It is also high in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds that can help support overall reproductive health. Adding raw ginger to the diet daily can help to regulate periods and reduce heavy menstrual flow. Ginger is an acceptable nonpharmaceutical remedy for nausea and vomiting, with women praising the power of ginger to ease “morning sickness” and other queasiness associated with pregnancy.

Has the potential to regulate menstrual cycles in women with PCOS (Polycystic ovary syndrome), helping to improve ovulation, lowering levels of androgens (male sex hormones), and reducing the formation of small cysts on the ovaries. PCOS can cause missed or irregular menstrual periods, excess hair growth, acne, infertility, and weight gain. Drinking cinnamon tea can help alleviate these symptoms. One of the most interesting health benefits of cinnamon is that it can help with vaginal pH balance due to cinnamon containing Lactobacillus, the same probiotic bacteria found in yoghurt. Helping to maintain correct pH balance improves vaginal health resulting in a more comfortable sexual experience.

Known for its antispasmodic properties that can ease the discomfort of menstrual cramps. Consuming cardamom in the form of tea or as part of your meals during menstruation can offer significant relief. Cardamom helps balance ‘Vata’ and ‘Kapha’ Doshas, contributing to hormone regulation. This can be particularly beneficial during times of hormonal fluctuations, such as PMS or menopause. It can fight acne-causing bacteria, slow down ageing, and bring a natural glow to your hair, plus strengthening the roots and delivering essential nutrients for a lustrous mane.

For women cloves can be particularly advantageous due to their ability to alleviate menstrual cramps, support hormonal balance, and contribute to overall well-being. The antioxidants in cloves may also promote healthy skin. Compounds in cloves have shown to help regulate blood sugar levels by improving insulin function. This is particularly important for women, especially those with or at risk of developing diabetes. Chewing on a clove before bed can improve digestion during sleep, resulting in a more comfortable and calm stomach. As cloves are an expectorant, they can help treat respiratory conditions like coughs, colds, and congestion.

Star Anise
Because star anise is antifungal, it helps break down excessive candida growth in the body. For example, when women experience thrush, vaginal infection, or discharge. Candida overgrowth is one of the main reasons that contribute to the inability of women to lose weight, constant bloating, flatulence, and acidity. Star anise has a calming effect on your digestive system and can reduce the severity of these symptoms. Star anise is also great for women hitting or going through menopause, thanks to its high estrogenic properties. Eating foods rich in healthy estrogen can help reduce the side effects and symptoms of menopause.

Fennel Seeds
Believed to have properties that may help to alleviate menstrual discomfort and regulate menstrual cycles, women find relief from bloating and pain when incorporating fennel seeds into their diet during their periods. The organic compounds (Anethole) found in fennel seeds also stimulate the substances (galactagogues) that promote lactation to increase milk secretion by mimicking the action of the estrogen hormone that promotes lactation. Abundant in minerals such as potassium, selenium, and zinc, fennel extract works miraculously for the skin by protecting it from free radical damage and improving skin cell longevity. These minerals balance hormones while maintaining the oxygen balance in your bloodstream. Fennel seeds are widely used to treat different skin ailments such as acne, rashes and dryness. 

Licorice Root
Traditional Chinese Medicine has long used licorice root to treat symptoms of menopause, and its many active compounds have unique effects on several hormones. Studies show that licorice can help reduce cramps and ease period stools, and can even be taken as a sweetener to soothe sugar cravings. During menopause dropping estrogen levels lead to uncomfortable symptoms such as hot flushes. In several studies, menopausal women given licorice supplements reported a reduction in hot flush severity or duration. Research has also found that the antioxidant (Isoliquiritigenin) from licorice root had protective effects when it comes to breast cancer. Exposure of breast cells to this antioxidant inhibited further cancer growth, and increase apoptosis (cell death) among cancerous cells. 

Black Peppercorns
More than just a food flavouring, black pepper offers health benefits thanks to its bioactive compounds, with piperine being the most important. It is the main component that gives black pepper its health-boosting qualities. Considered a type of antioxidant, piperine helps to lower the risk of chronic illnesses, like atherosclerosis, cardiovascular disease, and neurological conditions. Black pepper helps to stimulate hydrochloric acid in the stomach to aid with better digestion and absorption of the foods you eat. It has a carminative effect too, which helps to reduce discomfort and gas buildup in the intestines. Incorporate black pepper into the diet by grinding your own pepper from peppercorns when preparing a meal. Consuming freshly ground pepper offers more health benefits than eating pre-ground black pepper. 

As a healing and nurturing plant, turmeric can provide numerous benefits to women throughout their life. Including liver-supporting properties that play a functional role in moderating hormonal balance associated with a build-up of the hormone oestrogen, helping to reduce irregular cycles, heavy and painful periods, PMS, weight gain or acne. As a warming spice, often used to increase warmth and blood flow to the pelvic area, turmeric supports essential nutrients travelling to the lower body, which in turn supports a healthy womb environment, helping to increase egg formation, and ensuring egg preservation and fertility. Turmeric is an essential safe-guard for women to protect themselves from increased exposure and high levels of oxidative stress that can prevent the release of eggs during the ovulation process. 

Drinking rooibos tea can help slow the signs of ageing, in particular the formation of wrinkles. With its high levels of antioxidant, zinc, and alpha-hydroxy acids rooibos has the ability to prevent and reverse fat loss under the skin, resulting in fewer wrinkles and other signs of ageing like fine lines and age spots. Apply the tea directly to your skin to benefit from these nutrients. Rooibos also contains minerals that are crucial in maintaining bone structure and strength, including calcium, manganese, fluoride, copper and as mentioned prior, zinc. Rooibos has been shown to increase the activity of osteoblasts (cells that create bone mass). This means that it can help to fight bone conditions like osteoporosis. 

Black Tea
With stress becoming a part of daily life, black tea helps in lowering the production of stress hormones and stabilising these hormones by relaxing the nerves, particularly if taken as a cup of warm tea. Drinking tea can also prevent inflammation-induced obesity and lowers triglyceride levels and visceral fats. When combined with a balanced and healthy diet, and exercise, a cup of hot black tea can help get that 'perfect shape'. Hot and brewed teas bring relief to asthmatic conditions as they reduce inflammation and swelling of bronchial tubes and enlarge air passages. It makes inhalation and exhalation easier. The presence of flavonoids in black tea is also beneficial for people with asthma. These flavonoids also help improve the heart. They help in repairing coronary artery dysfunctions (the functioning of blood vessels) which may lead to strokes. atherosclerosis, and other cardiovascular conditions. To keep a healthy and young heart, have at least 2-3 cups per day of a warm brew containing black tea. 

Green Tea
With less than 3 calories in 8 fluid ounces of green tea, and no measurable amounts of protein, fat, carbohydrates, fibre or sugar, it's worth getting to know what's happening in your cup of green tea. Studies show green tea may have anti-inflammatory and anticancer benefits that help you have healthier skin. These findings suggest skin products with green tea in them may be good for you. Like ginger, green tea has been shown to have benefits when ingested on their own. Plus, green tea has actual bioavailability, meaning your body more easily absorbs the nutrients giving your skin a dewy, detox-glow. Green tea has been thought to aid digestion, regulate body temperature, and control bleeding. While ginger has been used to treat digestive problems, arthritis, asthma, diabetes and menstrual symptoms. Ginger is also proven to reduce inflammation and pain. So it's not surprising that ginger and green tea would provide bonus health benefits when consumed together. Regularly drinking green tea has also been found to dramatically lower the risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer, and help minimise the chance or recurrence of death from these cancers in women studied. After women go through menopause, they often experience issues with their bone health. One way to effectively strengthen bone metabolism and decrease the risk of bone fractures as an older woman is to drink green tea regularly, according to some research results.

Orange Peel
Offering a wide range of health benefits, including a high level of vitamin C, fibre, and a variety of vitamins and antioxidants that benefit the body, studies have shown that vitamin C and other nutrients in orange peel may reduce the risk of certain cancers. They may also improve brain, digestive and heart health. Just one tablespoon of orange peel contains 14% of your daily dose of vitamin C. That's nearly three times as much vitamin C per tablespoon then the inner fruit. Vitamin C also aids digestive health by helping the body absorb iron and strengthening the teeth and gums. This key vitamin even plays a vital role in brain health and the prevention of certain diseases. Vitamin C aids the function and maturation of neurons. It as also been linked to a lower risk of Alzheimer's disease. Orange peel tea is also a great weight loss option, as it has excellent amounts of potassium. This mineral contains diuretic properties that help to eliminate excess body fluid and reduce abdominal bloating. With excellent amounts of hesperidin, a flavonoid with anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, that improves blood circulation, orange peel tea can be a great option for preventing and helping to treat varicose veins and fatigued legs. 

Since the ages, a combination of milk with a pinch of nutmeg has been an age-old remedy to improve sex drive. Even according to Ayurveda, a system of traditional medicine native to India, this spice helps in calming the nervous system and improves blood circulation to the reproductive organs. This is the reason why nutmeg has been deemed as women's viagra. A pinch of nutmeg daily also helps in balancing the hormonal imbalance of estrogen hormones in the female body. This group of hormones are responsible for the reproductive health of a woman and adding a pinch of this spice can help in increasing libido as well as balancing the hormones. This spice consumed with milk also works as an antidepressant and is an excellent mood lifter, which further releases serotonin, a hormone that helps in inducing sleep and improving brain health. A combination of serotonin and estrogen helps in improving reproductive health in women and revives a slackened libido caused by several health and mental issues like menopause, menstrual cycles, depression and anxiety to name a few. Adding nutmeg to the diet can definitely help women improve their overall health. 

Rose Petals
When it comes to beautiful skin, roses are an excellent addition to your skincare routine. Rich in vitamins A and E, roses will help hydrate and tighten your skin while helping reduce the prominence of fine lines and dark circles. This flower also supports the body's natural collagen production, which is basically our body's protein responsible for healthy skin, hair and nails. Loaded with tons of antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, roses can also help reduce breakouts and calm skin conditions such as rosacea and eczema. Rose tea's anti-inflammatory effects and vitamin profile will work wonders with your PMS symptoms. It effectively helps reduce menstrual pain and other common symptoms. One study found a significant reduction in period-related bloating, cramping, and pain among women who drank rose tea. Study participants also reported less anxiety and mood swings, as roses are also known for having stress-relieving and mood-boosting properties. Naturally beautiful and soothing, roses make you feel more relaxed and help reduce your perceived stress. To relieve a depressed mood, sipping on fresh rose tea will do wonders. In fact, simply inhaling the rose vapour from the tea will help. The natural aromatics encourage a calm state of mind, which helps relieve stress and promote restful sleep. 

Overall Chai when consumed regularly can help lower inflammation in the body, can help balance blood sugar as well as help reduce both period pain and heavy flow. It can also help with water retention and bloating. Due to the anti-inflammatory and high antioxidant content of the chai spices and herbs used, it may help improve fertility too. Chai is definitely becoming a game changer for women's health. 

Disclaimer: This article is for informational purposes only. It is not intended to replace medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Each person is different and may react to different spices and herbs in different ways. Never use spices or herbs to treat medical conditions on your own. Always seek professional medical advice before choosing your preferred method of remedy. 


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