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Consumed in South Africa for centuries, and commonly known as Red Bush tea, it has become a favoured beverage around the world, replacing black and green tea as a naturally caffeine-free alternative. As another wealth of antioxidants, rooibos has the potential to protect against cancer, heart disease, stroke, and diabetes. The tea is made by cutting and bruising the leaves and stems of the plant, fermenting them in heaps and leaving then in the sun to dry, a process which turns the leaves their characteristic red-brown colour. Due to rooibos being naturally caffeine-free it does not need to undergo a decaffeination process, so its rich polyphenol (organic antioxidant compounds found abundantly in plants) remains unaffected, to play a vital role in health through the regulation of metabolism, weight, chronic disease, and rapid cell reproduction. Cozy up with our Rooibos Chai and you too will appreciate why it’s the national drink of South Africa.

Ginger*, Cinnamon*, Cardamom*, Cloves*, Star Anise*, Black Pepper*, Orange Peel*, Rooibos** (**Organic, **Fair Trade Organic).

For a quick and easy chai at home: 1. Choose your jug and add 1-2 good tablespoons of chai. (I use a 600ml silver barista milk steaming jug). 2. Pour in freshly brewed hot water until it reaches the bottom of where the spout begins. You want your chai nice and milky. Mix until well combined. 3. Add hot milk of choice and fill to the brim. Mix again until combined. 4. Strain into your favourite cup/mug, and Voila! You’ve made yourself a quick and delicious chai latte. Enjoy!

Note: Our Whole Spice Blends are made without sweetener. If you would like to sweeten, add 1-2 tablespoons per cup of your chosen sweetener at Step 2, stir until dissolved.

A delightfully smooth and gentle blend that offers a natural sweetness and slightly nutty, caramel flavour, with a hint of orange citrus. Breathe in the warm woody notes during your daily chai ritual.

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